What Should I Do If The Notebook Touchpad Fails?

- Aug 19, 2019-

What should I do if the notebook touchpad fails?

Recently, many users have reported that the touchpad of the laptop has a problem. What should I do if the failure does not respond? Here I would like to introduce you to several situations and solutions for the failure of the notebook touchpad. I hope to help you.

First of all, what are the main reasons for the failure of the notebook touchpad?

1. The touchpad driver may be damaged or the user may have accidentally uninstalled it.

2, the notebook touchpad is turned off, some notebooks can be turned off by setting, so if you accidentally close the touchpad, it will naturally cause the touchpad to malfunction.

3, the virus caused by the computer

4, the notebook touchpad is faulty (such as water, foreign objects inside, etc.)

The general solution to the failure of the notebook touchpad:

If this happens suddenly during use, you can do this. First, we try to restart the computer, because some programs run incorrectly, causing memory operation errors and temporary touchpad phenomenon. If the problem persists, we will restart again. Start the computer, then press the f8 key to enter the safe mode to start, we choose the last time the correct configuration starts.

If the above method is still not applicable, then we first conduct virus troubleshooting, use the anti-virus software to scan the computer in full, and do not detect the suspicious virus. Below we need to focus on the following aspects:

1, first check if the notebook's touchpad function is locked and closed.

If you accidentally operate the computer and accidentally press the touchpad button, the notebook touchpad may be turned off, so when the touchpad is unavailable, you can try to press the fn+f6 key combination to open the touchpad (note: some notebooks) It may be turned on or off with fn+f6, but some brand notebooks are different. For details, you can check the instruction manual of the corresponding brand model notebook, or search for the information below).

2, Check if the touchpad driver is good

You can first uninstall the original touch driver and try to download the latest touchpad driver. To be simple, you can also install the driver wizard to detect if there is a problem with the driver. If there is a problem, fix it.

If the above method still can't solve the malfunction of the notebook touchpad, then you may wish to reinstall the system or restore the system to the factory settings. This is the ultimate solution of this article. If it still can't be solved, then the problem is probably the fault of the touchpad itself. If the water enters, the internal foreign matter causes the touchpad to be damaged, etc., it is recommended to take it for inspection.