What If The Monitor Doesn't Have A Signal?

- Dec 04, 2018-

1, first of all, we carry on a comprehensive inspection of the connection between the computer monitor and the host, and re-insert each connection to see if there is a problem with the connection.

2, if the fault persists, then we need to open the chassis to see if the chassis contains metal and other substances, resulting in a short circuit of the computer mainframe circuit, and then we smell the taste of the computer to see if there is a charred smell, to see if there are damaged components around the motherboard and around the CPU.

3, after checking the entire chassis, the chassis is not abnormal, then we will be the chassis dust treatment. 4, if you can not power on, and then use the minimum system method, the hard disk, floppy drive, optical drive data cable unplugged, and then check whether the computer can be turned on, if the computer monitor appears on the boot screen, the problem in these devices.

Then the above several devices are connected to the computer, when connected to a certain device, the fault reproduction, indicating that the fault is caused by this device, and finally focus on checking this device.

5, if the failure or existence, it is very likely that the memory card, video card, CPU, motherboard and other faults, this time we only need to plug these hardware, or re-replace it, one after the test to find the reason. 6, if the memory, video card, CPU and other equipment is normal, and then the BIOS discharge, the use of isolation method, the motherboard placed outside the chassis, connected to memory, video card, CPU and so on to test, if the computer can be displayed, and then the motherboard installed in the chassis test, until the cause of the failure is found.

If the failure remains, the motherboard will need to be returned to the manufacturer for repair. 7, computer boot no display but there is alarm sound, when the computer boot start, the system BIOS began to post (power-on self-test), when detected a computer on a device fatal error, the control speaker issued sound report error. Therefore, there may be a failure of the boot without displaying the alarm sound.

For the computer boot does not show that there is an alarm sound failure can be based on the meaning of the BIOS alarm sound, to check the failure of the device to troubleshoot.