What If I Forget The DELL Laptop Password?

- Nov 01, 2019-

What if I forget the DELL laptop password?

Nowadays, both mobile phones and computers have the function of setting a power-on password. In order to protect personal privacy from being leaked, everyone is happy. Xiaobian has a friend who has forgotten the power-on password of the dell computer. He said: "The computer has been password protected and must be entered with the correct password." Under the hard disk, short circuit, etc., unfortunately all fell short.

In desperation, I had to call the laptop service department of dell China. First, I provided the service tag (product service number) of the laptop to the dell engineer. The number is usually on the back of the laptop, and then an email will be sent to you. There is a word form document, fill in the model, service tag, and for any reason can not confirm the bios power-on password, contact name, contact number, etc., individual users need to attach a copy of the identity of Wang. After printing, you can send a fax to the specified number. It is also convenient for a friend who does not have a fax machine to use the fax service provided by Windows. If all goes well, you will soon receive an unlock password that you can use to unlock the laptop. Pay attention to two points when using: First, there will be no display on the screen when entering the password; second, after inputting, you must first press the “ctrl” button and then press the Enter button, otherwise you will need to enter the password next time. Can't be cleared.

If you encounter similar troubles mentioned above, you don't have to scratch your head and rack your brains. A phone call can help you solve problems.