Watch Out For Hard Drive Killers

- Aug 23, 2019-

Watch out for hard drive killers.

The hard disk is a vulnerable accessory in the computer. In the process of using it, when the hard disk read/write speed is slow, and the disk is read repeatedly for a long time, it is easy to make mistakes, etc., most of the hard disk is broken. Mastering the correct maintenance method is very effective in reducing the chance of a hard disk failure.

There are many reasons for the damage of the hard disk. Improper operation and inadvertent maintenance will cause bad sectors of the disk, which may cause the hard disk to be unusable. The main points are as follows:

First, do not suddenly shut down when the hard disk is running at high speed. If the power is suddenly turned off during high-speed operation of the hard disk, it may cause the head and the disk to rub sharply and damage the hard disk, so avoid sudden shutdown. How to determine whether the hard disk is running or not. You can see the panel hard disk indicator. Turn off the power switch of the computer only after its indicator light stops flashing and the hard disk reads and writes.

Second, the temperature. If the temperature is too high, the magnetic medium will cause a recording error due to the thermal expansion effect; if the temperature is too low, the moisture in the air will be condensed on the integrated circuit components, causing a short circuit. The temperature is preferably 20-25 ° C. Too high or too low will change the clock frequency of the crystal oscillator, causing damage to the hard disk.

Third, humidity. If the humidity is too high, the surface of the electronic component may adsorb a layer of water film, oxidize and corrode the electronic circuit, resulting in poor contact or even short circuit, which may cause the magnetic force of the magnetic medium to change, resulting in data reading and writing errors; It is easy to accumulate a large amount of static charge generated by the rotation of the machine, thereby burning the CMOS circuit, absorbing dust, damaging the magnetic head, and scratching the disk. The humidity in the equipment room is preferably 45-65%.

Fourth, static electricity. Do not touch the board on the back of the hard disk with your hands. When the weather is dry, the human body usually has static electricity. In this case, touching the circuit board on the back of the hard disk by hand, the static electricity of the human body may damage the electronic components on the hard disk, and the hard disk may not operate normally.

Fifth, shock. Although the hard disk is added with anti-shock and anti-drop function, due to fine workmanship, excessive collision and long-term work in a vibrating environment, it is easy to cause the hard disk to be tightly combined with the magnetic head, and the magnetic head is broken, especially in the hard disk work, the consequences will be It will be even more serious.

Sixth, dust. The head of the hard disk is in close contact with the disk, and no dust is allowed. If the dust falls on the disk of the hard disk, it is not too late to damage the hard disk. In addition, the internal circuit components of the hard disk are attached with dust, which will affect the heat dissipation of the hard disk, increase the temperature, cause leakage or burn out components. Dust can also absorb moisture and corrode electronic circuits inside the hard disk.

Tips for easy repair: Frequently creating and deleting files on the hard disk will generate a lot of fragmentation. It will accumulate more. When accessing a file in the future, the hard disk may take a long time, not only the access efficiency is degraded, but also the track may be damaged.