Tips For Computer Screen Cleaning

- Sep 23, 2019-

Tips for Computer screen cleaning

The influx of computers into thousands of households is a common occurrence. The machine has been used for a long time, and the display will inevitably be contaminated with dust and oil. It not only affects the appearance, but also obscures the screen and affects the normal work of the user. In response to similar situations, Yi Xiu Xiao Bian specially organized relevant cleaning knowledge for friends in need, I hope you can refer to it.

First of all, it is recommended to use a special liquid crystal cleaning solution, take out the special cleaning liquid for the liquid crystal and press the top 2-3 times to spray evenly on the LCD screen.


Then, with a cleaning cloth, wipe from the center of the screen until the glue sprayed on the LCD screen is wiped clean.


Then wipe the body with a cleaning cloth and wipe off the dust on the body.


For stubborn stains on the screen, or fingerprints, focus on cleaning, repeatedly spray and wipe with cleaning solution and cleaning cloth, and wipe from the center of the screen until the cleaning agent on the screen is wiped clean.

Cleaning precautions:

1. Turn off the lcd power supply first, and remove the power cord plug and graphics card connector plug;

2. Move the lcd to a place with good natural light so that you can see the dust and achieve a better cleaning effect;

3, when wiping, it is recommended to wipe from the end of the display to the other end until all wiped clean, do not wave wildly;

4. After cleaning the LCD screen with a damp soft and damp cloth, clean it with a damp cloth that has been screwed dry. Finally, let the water vapor on the LCD screen dry naturally in a ventilated place.

Tips: Before cleaning the monitor, please make sure that the power has been cut off!