Tablets To Maintain Tips

- Sep 28, 2019-

Tablets to maintain tips

Tablet PC, stylish and easy to carry, is a high-tech product after desktop computers and notebooks. Because its price is gradually becoming more popular, it is not uncommon for pad to become an arcade. Little is known about the maintenance knowledge of tablet PCs. Therefore, we specially listed the following tips for the friends in need, I hope it can be handy.

First: LCD

The final game play video is still presented through the screen, there are scratches on the screen, playing will be very uncomfortable. The resolution of the screen has reached 1280x800, even if the scratches are small, it can be seen, so it is better to maintain. Usually, metal objects such as flat plates and keys are not put together, and it is easy to draw flowers; chemical products also have corrosive effects, and they are also far away. If it is clean, it can be wiped off on weekdays. It can also be wiped with a computer cleaner. If there is a slight scratch, you can also wipe it gently with toothpaste, and the scratch will be lightened.

Second: battery

Turn off the power when not using the tablet, remove the external device to extend the battery life, and avoid using the computer at too high or too low temperature. Generally, 10 to 25 degrees is the most suitable work. If the environment is too high or too low, the battery life will be shortened. It is recommended to wake up the battery power calibration every three months to ensure the stability and health of the battery.

Third: the fuselage

1. When accumulating dust, use a small brush to clean the gap, or use a high-pressure jet can generally clean the camera lens to blow out the dust, or use a palm-type vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the gap.

2. Try to use it under steady conditions to avoid operating the computer in a location that is easy to shake.

3, clean the surface, a little detergent on the soft cloth, gently wipe the surface of the machine in the case of shutdown (except the screen).

Tip: If you put your tablet on a soft sofa or bed, it is likely to stuck its cooling holes, affecting the heat dissipation effect, resulting in reduced performance.