Something You Should Know: The Projector Also Needs Maintenance

- Aug 28, 2019-

Something you should know: the projector also needs maintenance

When it comes to projectors, office workers are no strangers. Enterprises or schools, even in the home, can see it. In daily use, it is not enough to master simple operation methods, in order to extend the life of the projector. Timely maintenance and cleaning are indispensable.

The daily maintenance and repair methods of the projector, the precautions are as follows:

1. Do not install this projector on an unstable surface. Do not place the projector on a swaying car, desk, or table.

2. Do not place the projector in a container containing liquid. Do not place vases, flower pots, cups, cosmetics, liquids (such as water) on top of this projector.

3. Please use the accessories only according to the recommended method. Do not damage, cut, handle or twist the power cord.

4. Press the power type as selected by the projector. If you are unable to confirm, please consult your dealer and local electrical company.

5. Place the projector near a wall socket that is easy to remove the plug.

6. Please insert the grounding three-pin plug of the projector into the properly grounded socket. If you are using a two-pin socket, please replace the electrician with a three-pin socket. Please do not plug or unplug it with wet hands.

7. When plugging and unplugging, please pay special attention to the following operations. Violation of the regulations will cause Mars or fire.

a: Do not insert the plug into a dusty socket.

b: Keep the plug in close contact with the socket.

8. Do not overload the power outlet. Overloading the wiring or socket may cause fire or electric leakage.

9. Do not place the projector in a place where the power cord is easily stepped on, otherwise the power cord may be worn.

10. Please clean the plug before pulling it out of the socket, please use a damp cloth to clean, do not use liquid or alcohol cleaner.

11. Prevent the projector from "heatstroke". When using the projector, we must pay attention to the temperature and ventilation conditions of the environment. Here, we must pay special attention to the following three points: First, when the projector is working, make sure that nothing blocks the cooling holes or affects the ventilation and heat dissipation of the projector. Secondly, after the projector is finished and shuts down normally, do not cover it with anything. Projector or load the collection; at the last point, when using the projector, be careful not to let the sun shine directly into the projector, especially the lens, because strong sunlight will not only affect the heat dissipation of the projector, but more importantly it will destroy The projector's optical system is imaged, affecting life and display.

12. Do not insert anything from the vent into the projector. Do not pour any liquid into the projector.

13. Unplug the projector when you are not using it for a long time.