Solution For Ghosting Of Liquid Crystal Display

- Sep 12, 2019-

Solution for ghosting of liquid crystal display

Display ghosting is a common problem when the computer is used for a period of time, especially those who like to play online games day and night. The phenomenon of ghosting of LCD monitors is more obvious. What should be done with such a problem? Many people like to change the display directly, but many times it is not a display problem. What should I do? We can solve the problem of LCD ghosting with the following methods:

1. Install the computer's graphics card driver correctly to avoid display ghosting problems.

2, adjust the resolution of the display to your needs, and then adjust some of the parameters of the display to the best (some displays have automatic adjustment function, you can automatically fine-tune later), and then adjust the refresh frequency. In general, the higher the refresh rate, the lower the degree of flicker. It depends on what frequency your display can support. Excessive frequencies may reduce display life.

3. If a TV box is installed between the LCD monitor and the host computer, it may cause ghosting. Try to remove the TV box first.

4. It may also be that the data cable of the LCD monitor is loose, causing the monitor to be ghosted. Try to unplug it and plug it in again.

5. If the liquid crystal display, main unit or data cable is too close to the socket or high-powered electrical appliances, it may also be subject to electromagnetic interference, causing ghosting.