Laptop Common Faults And Repair Methods

- Aug 12, 2019-

Laptop common faults and repair methods

Laptops, almost a few years ago, have become a must-have tool for people. Although laptops are more convenient and portable than desktop computers, they also have various problems. The following small series will introduce you to the common faults and maintenance methods of laptops.

First, the reason for the intermittent start of the notebook fan

In order to save power consumption, its cooling fan does not always work, but when the temperature inside the notebook computer reaches a certain level, it will start to dissipate heat, so it will cause the phenomenon of stopping at the time of transit.

Second, why the laptop starts slowly

It is a system failure, it is likely that there is some unknown virus program affecting the system. The best solution is to back up important data, then format the partition where the system is located, and reinstall the system. In addition, the general notebook computer will bring its own system recovery disk, but using the recovery disk will restore the system to the factory state, which may cause data loss, so use caution.

Third, the notebook optical drive failure

1, operation failure: incorrect installation or driver error caused by the laptop or DOS can not find the notebook CD-ROM; CD cable is not connected well can not listen to the CD; notebook optical drive jumper or cable error makes the notebook drive can not be used; disc deformation or dirty The picture caused by the pollution is not clear or the mosaic or pause is serious; the notebook optical drive is not placed correctly on the tray, causing the optical drive to not read the disk; improperly disassembled causes various disconnections or looseness inside the optical drive to cause malfunction.


2. Occasional failure: Early failure or sudden damage of components such as integrated circuits, resistors, capacitors, and transistors in the machine, or sudden damage to some mechanical parts with frequent movements, must be repaired and replaced.


3, inevitability failure: the optical lens in the laser head assembly is dirty or poor performance, resulting in audio or video distortion or crash; laser diode aging, reading time becomes longer or even can not read the disc; mechanical transmission mechanism due to deformation, wear, loose Disconnected and caused a malfunction.