Ibm Laptop Repair Experience

- Aug 17, 2019-

Ibm laptop repair experience

With the popularity of notebooks in many homes, more and more friends are using them, but what comes with them is that laptops are starting to produce a series of problems. Many of them have no ideal what to but looking for a special repairman who repairs laptops, we not only have to spend a lot of money but also worry about whether our computer will be broken, but today Xiaobian provides you with some common IBM laptop repair experience. So that everyone can try to repair their own computers without spending money.

1, if the T20 is dark on the boot screen, 90% of the power supply of the high voltage strip is gone, and the screen line is broken.

2, R32 If the boot does not recognize the optical drive, most of the Southbridge is welded.

3, T30 If the network card is not easy to use, it is that the network card chip is broken.

4, A30/31 If it is the boot screen, most of the graphics card BGA is welded.

Note: Recently, I have also found that several T40 books will also have problems with the screen.

5, Let me say one more. If the A22m A21M often has a problem of power failure or crash, it is that the two CPU power chips on the motherboard are broken.

6, T21, T20, T22 If you suddenly lose power after running for a while, then you should take a closer look to see if your fan is tightly attached to the CPU. This is very important. Because at the factory is a small thermal pad on the CPU. Maybe your books are gone after someone else has repaired them.

7, If your notebook is I-SERVICE or 390 series, if you suddenly find that you can't boot up, you should first look at the connection between the boot button and the motherboard. Is there a starting voltage for the quantity? This is a very prone to problems!

8, sum up, R32's common disease judgment:

First of all, when your machine is not on, but you can power up, you should first remove the memory. If it is an alarm, it should be a problem with the graphics card. You can do a BGA if it is not an alarm, it should be South Bridge and There are more problems with the graphics card. Also do the BGA

9, then summarize the solution method of each notebook:

The first is IBM's problem, I think everyone should understand it. It is the message of the chip. Domestically, if it is not Centrino, you can use the discharge test, such as the WINBOOK of Taiwan, Founder, Lenovo and other machines can try this way.