Development And Application Of Touch Screen

- Dec 04, 2018-

From the point of view of technical principle, touch screen is a set of transparent absolute coordinate positioning system, first of all, it must be guaranteed to be transparent, so it must be through material technology to solve the problem of transparency, such as digitizer, WordPad, elevator switch, they are not touch screen; Unlike the mouse, which is a relatively positioned set of systems, we can notice that touch screen software does not need a cursor, there is a cursor to affect the user's attention, because the cursor is for the relatively positioned device, the relative positioning of the device to move to a place first to know where the body, in which direction to go, Every moment also need to constantly give users feedback on the current location so that there is no deviation.

These do not need to take absolute coordinate positioning of the touchscreen, and second, can detect the touch of the finger action and judge the position of the finger, all kinds of touch screen technology is around the "detection of Finger touch" and eight immortals across prowess. With the increasing of multimedia information query equipment, people more and more talk about touch screen, because touch screen is not only suitable for China's multimedia information query national conditions, and touch screen has a strong and durable, fast reaction speed, space saving, easy to communicate and many other advantages.

With this technology, users can use their fingers to gently touch the characters or text on the computer display to achieve the operation of the host, so that human-machine interaction is more straightforward, this technology greatly facilitates those who do not understand the operation of the computer users. Touch screen in China's application range is very broad, mainly public information inquiries, such as the Telecommunications Bureau, Tax bureau, banks, electricity and other departments of business inquiries, urban street information inquiries, in addition to the application of Leadership office, Industrial Control, military command, video games, song ordering, multimedia teaching, real estate pre-sale and so on.

In the future, the touchscreen will have to walk into the family. With the increasing use of computers as a source of information, touch screens with its easy to use, rugged, fast response, space saving and other advantages, so that system designers more and more feel that the use of touch screen does have considerable advantages. Touch screen appears in the Chinese market so far only a few short years, this new multimedia equipment has not been contact and understanding for many people, including some are planning to use touch screen system designers, but also the touch screen as an optional device, from the history of the popularity of touch screens in developed countries and China's multimedia information industry is in the stage to look at , this concept also has a certain universality. In fact, the touchscreen is a device that makes multimedia information or controls a makeover, giving multimedia systems a new look and an attractive new multimedia interactive device. System designers in developed countries and system designers in our country who pioneered the use of touchscreens have clearly known that touchscreens are no longer optional for computers in a variety of applications, but essential devices. It greatly simplifies the use of computers, even people who know nothing about computers, can still be handy, so that computers show greater charm.

Solves the problem that the computer can not solve in the public information market.