Desktop Computer Maintenance Knowledge

- Sep 16, 2019-

Desktop computer maintenance knowledge

With the upgrading of notebooks and the emergence of various brands of tablets, desktops seem to be left out, but compared to notebooks, desktop hardware replacement and update is easier, the price of various accessories is also cheaper, so The existence is reasonable, and the desktop has its irreplaceable meaning. In daily use, it is necessary to pay attention to the reasonable maintenance of the desktop to prolong its service life.

1, regular boot, especially in the wet season, otherwise the chassis will be short-circuited by the tide, the computer often used is not easy to break. However, if there is no lightning rod around the home, do not open the computer while thundering, and unplug all the plugs.


2, pay attention to heat dissipation in the summer, avoid using the computer for a long time in a room without air conditioning, and pay attention to antifreeze in winter, the computer is actually afraid of cold.


3. When the computer is not in use, it is necessary to cover the display, the chassis and the keyboard with a cloth that is breathable and cloakable, which can prevent dust from entering the computer.


4, try not to switch on and off frequently, when you are not using it, simply use screen saver or hibernate. Do not move the computer while the computer is in use, do not let the computer be shaken, and do not plug in all the hardware devices in the power-on state, except for the usb device.


5, use the power socket with overload protection and three pins, can effectively reduce static electricity, if the hand can feel static, use a lacquered wire (that is, plastic outside, the inside is the kind of copper wire), one end wrapped around the rear panel of the chassis On the top, it can be wrapped around the fan air outlet, and the other end is best wrapped around the water pipe. If you can't touch the water pipe, look around, as long as the metal object can touch the earth (soil).


6, develop good operating habits, try to reduce the number of loading and unloading software.


7, follow the strict sequence of power on and off, should first open peripherals, such as monitors, speakers, printers, scanners, etc., and finally open the chassis power. On the contrary, the power should be turned off first. (Currently most computer systems are capable of automatically powering off the chassis).


8. Do not place speakers around the monitor, there will be magnetic interference. The darker the brightness of the display during use, the better, but the comfort of the eyes is better.


9. Do not place water or liquid materials around the computer to avoid inconvenience by accidentally knocking over the inflow.

10. Many lines behind the chassis should be straightened out. Don't entangle them with each other. It is best to use plastic hoops or rubber bands to tighten them. The advantage of this is that it is clean and not dusty, the lines are easy to find, and there are small animals in the family. Avoid being destroyed.

11. Every six months, perform a general cleaning of the computer to completely remove the internal dirt and dust, especially the chassis, but under the premise of being sure, if you are not familiar with the hardware, it is better to touch it.

12, develop the habit of combining work and rest, do not play computer all night long, the life of the computer is not good, but the damage to the body is greater, the display, the chassis, the mouse and the keyboard are all radiation, the radiation on the keyboard The amount is actually bigger.

The above is about the maintenance method of the desktop, I hope to help friends in need.