Computer Just Boot Character Blur, And Then Gradually Clear, Is Normal Phenomenon?

- Dec 04, 2018-

First of all, if you have this problem with your monitor, you can prepare "aftermath" for your monitor.

Because this condition is a precursor to the aging of the Monitor. From the principle: the cathode tube electron gun in the tube must be heated before hitting the electron beam, but when the cathode begins to age, the heating process slows down, so at the beginning of the boot, did not reach the standard temperature of the cathode tube, can not shoot enough electron beam, So the picture we see at this time will be due to not enough electron beam bombardment screen and not clear, and after a long period of use, the temperature to meet the standard requirements, sufficient electron beam bombardment phosphor to make the display clear, if the new display appears such a problem, indicating that the machine has an aging indication, may be refurbished picture tube,

It is recommended to return the goods immediately.