Computer Common Sense: Laptop Port Maintenance

- Aug 23, 2019-

Computer common sense: laptop port maintenance

The port is an outlet for realizing communication between the computer and the outside world. If the port fails, it will affect the exchange of data between the computer and the outside world. Therefore, for the inconspicuous port, it should be maintained and maintained in time.

The most common problem in laptop ports is the type of ports that are frequently plugged in or unused for a long time. Here are the maintenance methods:

Pc card slot: Since the pc slot is located on the side of the fuselage, it is generally not tightly closed, so it often becomes the entrance of dust. The pc card slot generally has two closed modes, one is with a spring. The cover is automatically closed, one is closed with an empty card similar to the size of the PC card. The former does not require your intervention, it is automatic, the latter please keep the empty card, and seal the empty pc card slot to avoid Dust into the dust.

There are a lot of pins in the PC card slot of the laptop. Like all the interfaces, frequent plugging and unplugging will cause poor contact. Once this happens, you may need to move to the motherboard to repair, so try to buy those that do not need to be inserted frequently. Pull the PC card, for the more traditional serial port, parallel port and vga output, be sure to screw the fixing screws on the interface when using it, because these interfaces are not hot-swappable, if not fixed, it will cause poor contact. May cause damage to the motherboard, especially the vga output interface must be fixed, I have a painful lesson that burned the motherboard graphics card because of poor contact with the vga interface.

For long-term unused interfaces, the necessary anti-rust measures can be taken. The easiest way is to apply a little car wax on the surface. After drying, it is a good anti-rust agent. Of course, the wax can only be applied to the surface of the interface. Do not apply to the pins of the interface.

Easy repair tips: Develop a good habit of using a laptop properly, and maintain the port in a timely manner, which can effectively extend the life of the notebook, so as not to make it depreciate too fast.