China Spring Festival Holiday Coming Soon, Be Aware Of Your Time Schedule.

- Jan 07, 2019-

Spring Festival Alarm

As time goes by, here we are once again approching to Spring Festival holiday. as most people knows, it`s the biggest and most important traditional holiday in China. everyone is going back home for the holiday in a month. we gonna sit down with our family celebrate for the new year and enjoy the family time.

The holiday gonna start from 26th Jan to 13th Feb, we will get back to work on 14th Feb, meantime there is no products can be provided, please make arrangement  in advance.

Talking about Spring Festival holiday, it`s one of the oldest traditional holiday, it can be traced back to more than 4000 years ago. it says there is a monster called "year" who attact the villages every year at the same time, on that day you have to fire firecrackers and make a lot noise to drive the monster away. and it slowly became a traditonal holiday since then, it`s just one of all the thoeries, might not be real, but indeed it`s the most important holiday for everyone in China. everyone spend the time with family not matter you are struggling or successful, we sit down in front of the table, we eat and we talk. on that day, we forget all the bad things happened between each other, we wish all the good things for the coming new year. it`s the moment you truly feel the family bond, feel you are not alone, there are always people loving you and care for you, give you the courage to face the bloody futrue. the Spring Festival holiday reflection our “family ”cuture, no matter what happend, familes are suppose to keep each warm in the cold winter.

Serioulsy. No matter who see this, try to spend more time with your family..