Lenovo FLEX 3 15 Lcd Touch Screen Assembly

Suit for Lenovo FLEX 3 15 80JM 80R4 laptop repair, resource directly comes from OME factory, each piece well tested before shipping, with unbeatable price among all the lcd suppliers in Shenzhen area, our company stand behind the products, and the products speak for us.

Product Details

1.Product Introduction

Suit for Lenovo Y50-70 20349 laptop repair, Factory resource original parts guarantee the quality, extremely strict QC process control the faulty rate under 3 percent, with reasonable price among all the screen suppliers in Shenzhen China, fast delivery and good after-sales service is provided, Sincerely looking forward to build a long term business relationship with all our heart.

2.Product Parameter

Screen size: 15.6 inches

Model: suit for Lenovo FLEX 3 15 80JM 80R4 Touch Screen LCD Replacement

Resolution ratio: 1920px*1080px

Pin Connection: 30pins

Condition: Band new original

Contain: LCD display and touch panel and frame

3.Product feature and application

For Lenovo FLEX 3 15 80JM 80R4 Touch Screen LCD Replacement, brand new condition.


4. More about us




5. Package and Warranty


Every item will be tested before delivery and carefully and packed with individual plastic bubble bag, braced with stiff cardboard, and final ship in carton.



100% high quality assurance


100% OEM and best after-sale service


100% tested before shipping


We offer 90 days warranty.


6.  FAQ

Q1:  What is MOQ? 

A: Normally 1 carton per item for regular orders as MOQ, sample order is acceptable before the bulk order.


Q2:  When will you deliver the goods?

A: Shipment within 3-5 days after receipt of payment


Q3:  What to do when I get goods?

A: Pls check and test the goods once you've received, and make sure that all of them are good function.


Q4:  What can I do if I get defective goods?

A: Please contact us ASAP, and send the videos or pictures. If it's our fault, we will refund it or send the replacement in your next orders. There is no warranty for the following conditions: man-made damage the stamp or label is lost or damaged the goods are used.


Q5:  Who will pay the shipping cost for the defective goods?

A: Customer will pay the return shipping cost, and we will pay the shipping fee to send the replacement parts.

7. Latest news

Lenovo’s foldable laptop concept gives you more screen for your money


Lenovo has a flexible and foldable laptop in the pipeline, at least if a freshly discovered patent turns out to be on the money.


The patent (spotted by Windows Latest) has just been published by the US Patent and Trademark Office, and points to a foldable notebook (running Windows 10) with a screen portion (OLED technology is mentioned) and a keyboard portion.


It looks like Lenovo is mulling a ‘watchband type of fold region’ when it comes to the hinge for the device (see the below image), but the clever bit is that the screen will extend into the keyboard base portion.


In other words, the display will extend down into the keyboard section to give the user a greater amount of screen real-estate.


And this may also facilitate a strip of icons at the bottom of the screen (or the top of the keyboard, rather), in a similar vein to the Touch Bar on Apple’s MacBooks.


It’s certainly an interesting concept for a device, in terms of maximizing the screen space available on a notebook, without going the whole hog and losing the physical keyboard.


Although it’s easy to imagine that this concept could be developed further to one giant foldable screen, offering the user a virtual keyboard (dispensing with the need for any hinge).


Fun with foldables

As ever, Lenovo might just be tinkering with this idea in its research labs, and we may never see a foldable laptop along these lines.


But foldable technology is certainly becoming a more and more popular idea these days – we’ve recently spotted the likes of the Samsung Galaxy X and Royole FlexPai (although those are phones rather than tablets or 2-in-1s).


Other firms are looking to the dual-screen tablet concept, rather than having anything foldable, though, like Microsoft with its Surface Centaurus.


Whatever the case, you can bet that the world of portable computing devices will undergo some serious transitions in terms of form-factor and flexibility in the near future, and seeing exactly where things will go is an exciting prospect.