What technology is liquid crystal technology?

- Dec 04, 2018-

1. Wide Angle Large screen

Wide angle of view LCD is the Supreme Oracle in their hearts, using IPs panels, also known as cheap wide-angle LCD solutions, which make those who criticize the poor visual area of the TN panel seem to see the oasis in the desert.

2. Backlight Technology 

2009 LED Backlight products have been a strong concern of consumers.

In appearance or power consumption, it has a greater advantage than the traditional CCFL backlight, I believe that with the more and more mature technology, LED will inevitably achieve great success in the market, the market potential is also very large, and for most people to look or choose the first factor of the display, ultra-thin fashion energy saving is also the mainstream of the future.

3.3D Technology Ordinary

LCD display can only display 2D plane screen, even if the big screen is difficult to find immersive feeling, and 3D LCD came into being.

The strength of the 3D panel is that users can see 3D images without having to wear special glasses, allowing everyone to truly experience the feeling of 3D.

4. Energy Saving and environmental protection

Green energy saving is no longer a slogan, go to the home appliance store to turn around will find that the energy saving grade has become a mandatory standard. And in the field of home PC, with the size of liquid crystal display more and more large, has gradually become another consumer of electricity.

"Green energy saving" has been more and more attention by manufacturers and consumers, more and more new products began to low power consumption as a big selling point.