Attention points for LCD display use

- Dec 04, 2018-

1.Avoid burning inside the screen 

The long-time open LCD monitor mentioned earlier will reduce its lifespan.Therefore, in order to avoid such cases, the following measures can be taken when not in use: 1) Turn off the monitor when not in use, 2) often change the display on the screen at different intervals, and 3) reduce the brightness of the display to a darker level; 

2.Keep the humidity of the environment 

Do not let anything with moisture properties Enter the LCD, if the moisture has entered the LCD, you must place the LCD in a warmer and drier place, in order to let the moisture and organic matter evaporate, and then turn on the power.

The addition of electricity to the LCD containing humidity can lead to corrosion of the liquid crystal electrode, which in turn causes permanent damage. 

3.Avoid unnecessary vibrations 

LCD can be regarded as the most sensitive electrical equipment, LCD contains a lot of glass and sensitive electrical components, so that the screen is very fragile, to avoid strong impact and vibration, strong impact can easily lead to LCD screen and CFL unit damage.

Be careful not to put pressure on the LCD display surface, the bad habit of pointing points in front of the screen must be corrected. 

4.Do not attempt to disassemble the LCD 

There is a rule that you should never disassemble the LCD. Even after a long period of closure, the CFL converter in the background lighting assembly may still carry about 1000V of high pressure, which can lead to serious personal injury. So never attempt to disassemble or change the LCD display to avoid encountering high pressure. Unauthorized repairs and changes can cause the display to temporarily or even permanently fail to work.

If there is a fault proposal or get a professional repair station for repair.