Analysis of liquid crystal display

- Dec 04, 2018-


(1) Liquid crystal in energy saving can be described as obvious advantages.

(2) Its radiation indicators are generally lower than CRT.

(3) Because of its principle of the problem will not appear any geometric distortion, linear distortion.

(4) Liquid crystal display visual area is large.

(5) High fine picture quality (except for partially low-priced shrink displays).

(6) The display is several times lighter than the CRT, and the thickness is several times thinner, so it is easy to move.

(7) The screen color distortion will not be caused by insufficient power supply.


(1) The visual deflection angle is small. (2) Easy to produce image trailing phenomenon (such as the mouse pointer fast shaking), because the normal LCD screen is mostly 60Hz (60 frames per second), and CRT is more than 85Hz (85 frames per second).

However, this problem mainly occurs in the liquid crystal display when the game (that is, "picture tearing"), after the basic solution, if still appear can be used  "Vertical synchronization " solution.

(3) The brightness and contrast of the LCD monitor is not very good.

(4) Liquid crystal "bad point" problem. 

(5) Limited life span.

(6) When the resolution is lower than the default resolution of the Monitor, the blur of the screen is obvious, and the CRT will not be obvious even if the current resolution is less than 1 time times the default.

(7) When the resolution is greater than the default resolution of the monitor (which requires software enforcement), the color at the details is lost, and the CRT is a serious screen flicker and the picture is significantly blurred.