Touch Screen Replacement for HP Envy X360 15M-BP011DX

1. Product Introduction Suit for HP Envy X360 15M-BP011DX laptop repair, refurbished by experienced Shenzhen local manufacture, each piece well tested before shipping, with unbeatable price among all the lcd suppliers in Shenzhen area, our company stand behind the products, and the products...

Product Details

1. Product Introduction

Suit for HP Envy X360 15M-BP011DX laptop repair, refurbished by experienced Shenzhen local manufacture, each piece well tested before shipping, with unbeatable price among all the lcd suppliers in Shenzhen area, our company stand behind the products, and the products speak for us.

2 . Product Parameter

Screen size: 15.6 inches

Model: Suit for HP Envy X360 15M-BP011DX Touch Screen LCD Replacement

Resolution ratio: 1920px*1080px FHD

Condition: Band new original

Contain: LCD display and touch panel assembly with frame

3. Product feature and application

HP Envy X360 15M-BP011DX Touch Screen LCD Replacement, brand new condition.


4. More about us

5. Package and Warranty


Firstly, using the standard bag to package.

Secondly, using the foam box to package.

Thirdly, using the big paper box to package.

Delivery Time:1-3 days



This product warranty for 3 months from the date of receipt of the customer,

The human factor damage is not covered by the warranty

The seller is not covered by the warranty shipping costs

The refund will be return after the return parcel received. all goods are labeling

Identification do not tear, Otherwise will be no warranty, thank you for your understanding.


6. FAQ

Q1: Which shipping method do you use ?

A: we use DHL for shipping, shipping time takes only 3 to 5 days in common situation

Q2: Which payment method do you accept?

A: We accept payment through Wire Transfer, Western Union, Money Gram and Paypal.

Q3: What kind of warranty do you provide?

A: We provide 12 months warranty but not include human violence caused damage, like flex cable ripped off during the installing, or the lcd cracked while doing the installing job.

Q4: How long can I receive the package after the payment ?

A: In common situation, we need to 2 days to prepare the package, and after we ship the package out, the DHL takes 3 to 5 days to delivery the package, it`s around 5 to 7 days in total.

Q5: Do you have other models available ?

A: Sure we do have other models available, basically cover all the models for laptop touch screen assembly.

7. Latest News.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 review: A once-great laptop now is merely good


ime has caught up to Microsoft’s Surface Laptop 2. We loved it in its first iteration—what Microsoft now calls the Surface Laptop (1st Gen), and the low-cost clamshell remains a superb, optimized laptop for students and workers on the go. But while the Surface Laptop 2 has basically stood still, the competition has chimed in with their own progressive offerings. As our review shows, the 13-inch Surface Laptop 2 is still a solid laptop, but design choices made a year ago look a bit tired now.


The Surface Laptop is nearly identical to its predecessor in all three dimensions, the rated battery life, and even weight. In addition to the color, Microsoft has moved from a 7th-gen to an 8th-gen Core microprocessor, and the company has thankfully eliminated the 4GB memory option that was available in the first generation. Gone, too, is Windows 10 in S Mode, now replaced with Windows 10 Home. There aren’t any low-power Qualcomm or Intel Pentium-based options, and Microsoft hasn’t announced an LTE option—but those weren’t available on the first device, either.


Microsoft Surface Laptop 2: Basic specs and buying advice


As you may recall from our hands-on with the Surface Laptop 2 after its announcement, Microsoft is selling both the Surface Laptop 2 for Business, and the more generic Surface Laptop 2 for consumers. The Business model begins at $1,199, versus $999 for consumers—quite a jump, especially since the additional $200 buys you just a slightly more powerful Core i5 processor with vPro capabilities, an improved warranty with the ability to receive a new device before sending in the defective model (Advanced Exchange), and Windows 10 Pro, rather than Home. We reviewed the consumer version.


Here’s something to think about, though: At press time, what Microsoft now calls the ”1st Gen” platinum Surface Laptop is selling at a healthy discount for theCore i5/8GB RAM/128GB version, on Amazon. The platinum Surface Laptop 2 with the same configuration is both more powerful and just $100 or so more.


Display: 13.5-inch (2256x1504), 201-ppi PixelSense display, with 10-point touch

Processor: 1.6GHz Core i5-8250U (as tested) or 1.9GHz i7-8650U (consumer); 1.7GHz Core i5-8250U or 1.9GHz Core i7-8650U (business). All processors are quad-core, 8th-gen Kaby Lake-R.”

Graphics: Intel HD 620

Memory: 8GB-16GB DDR3 (8GB as tested)

Storage: 128GB-1TB NVMe PCIe SSD (256GB as tested)

Security: TPM 2.0, Windows Hello

Ports: USB 3.0 Type-A, Surface Connect, miniDisplayPort, 3.5mm headphone jack

Wireless: 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.1

Cameras: 720p HD camera (front-facing) (Windows Hello)

Battery: 45Wh

Operating system: Windows 10 Home (as tested); Windows 10 Pro for business

Dimensions: 12.1 x 8.8 x 0.57 inches (14 mm)

Weight: 2.8 pounds (with Type Cover); 3.62 pounds (including AC adapter)

Colors: Platinum, black, burgundy, cobalt blue

Optional accessories: Surface Pen ($99 at Microsoft Store)


While it feels a little... Apple-y... to go ga-ga over a new color, there’s no ignoring that the new jet black adds a note of distinction to the smooth anodized aluminum unibody construction as well as the slightly fuzzy Alcantara fabric coating the Surface Laptop 2’s palm rest and interior. Yet it’s odd and somewhat disappointing that Microsoft is essentially charging an additional $200 for it.


Hands on with the Surface Laptop 2

The Surface Laptop 2 is sturdy without feeling especially weighty. There’s just a bit of back-and-forth flex in the display hinge when the Laptop 2’s base is wiggled. Inside, the Surface Laptop 2’s display reclines to an ergonomically comfortable 45 degrees or so away from the horizontal. I never noticed the base becoming especially warm or overheated, except during an intensive round of updates, when the bottom warmed to a level that was still comfortable.


A sheet of Gorilla Glass 3 houses the display in a 3:2 format —again, identical to the original Surface Laptop. (The Microsoft Surface Pro 6 has a higher-res 2736x1824, 12.3-inch display.) Our light meter recorded a maximum luminance of 337 nits, a slight 8 percent drop from our 1st Gen machine. (We consider anything over 260 nits of luminance to be of sufficient brightness.) There are no additional color space options like the Surface Book 2 beyond RGB, and the display uses a standard dynamic range.


Beyond the numbers, the PixelSense displays used in Microsoft’s Surface products offer stunning color fidelity and they’re simply pleasing to use. Microsoft smartly picks default backgrounds that show off its displays to its best advantage. Note, however, that while a higher resolution can be easier on the eyes, it impacts battery life and performance.


Microsoft’s out-of-the-box experience feels a little bit different with each new Surface, and the Surface Laptop 2 is no exception. Like other Surface devices, a series of screens marches you through the setup process. There was something new here, though: Not only did the Surface Laptop 2 update itself before asking for a didn’t ask for a password. That’s right—though I signed in with a Microsoft account, Microsoft knew I had two-factor authentication set up and merely asked to authenticate the new Laptop 2 with my phone. That’s a subtle yet powerful way of welcoming you back to the Windows ecosystem.


Unfortunately, the Microsoft ecosystem still includes the host of crapware that accompanies most Surface devices: Candy Crush Soda Saga, Hulu, Fitbit Coach,and more. Yes, you can uninstall it, and there’s an argument that students might actually enjoy the diversion. But for the rest of us, they’re unnecessary.