HP Laptop Fix Replacement Parts

Suit for HP PAVILION X360 13-U M3-U laptop repair, factory resource original parts guarantee the quality, extremely strict QC process control the faulty rate under 3 percent, with reasonable price among all the screen suppliers in Shenzhen China, fast delivery and good after-sales service is provided, Sincerely looking forward to build a long term business relationship with all our heart.

Product Details

1.Product Introduction

Suit for HP Pavilion X360 11-U 11-U003NA laptop repair, with stable long term supply capacity, all the parts are guaranteed genuine as original, with completive price among all the suppliers in Shenzhen area, we stand behind the products with a long time warranty, and we have strict QC process to control the faulty rate, each piece well tested before shipping.

2.Product Parameter

Screen size: 13.3 inches

Model: Suit for HP PAVILION X360 13-U M3-U Touch Screen LCD Replacement

Resolution ratio: 1920px*1080px FHD

Connector: 30pins

Condition: Band new original

Contain: LCD display and touch panel assembly with frame

3.Product feature and application

HP PAVILION X360 13-U M3-U Touch Screen LCD Replacement, brand new original condition


4. More about us




5. Package and Warranty


All of our items are tested and found working.


Package : ensure keeping clean and safe


Firstly packed with anti-static bag


Secondly pack bubble bag, If slim type ,we will add with Cardboard between screens;


Lastly pack with foam and box.



100% high quality assurance


100% OEM and best after-sale service


100% tested before shipping


We offer 90 days warranty.


6.  FAQ

Q1:  How could I buy products if there is no price on the website?

A: Buyers need to send required product details via e-mail, Then a reasonable quotation as request would be provided.


Q2:  How long could I get reply of my enquiry?

A: Buyers will get a reply within 24 hours.


Q3:  What's the quality level?

A: High quality with Grade A


Q4:  How about your quality control?

A: Checking the surface to avoid any physical damage and scratches. Testing the LCD Screen& Digitizer and camera strictly under different pictures to see if there are any dead pixes, dust or spots.


Q5:  When will you deliver the goods?

A: Shipment within 3-5 days after receipt of payment

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