HP 15M-BP112DX Lcd Screen Repair Replacement

Suit for HP Envy X360 15M-BQ112DX laptop repair, refurbished by experienced Shenzhen local manufacture, each piece well tested before shipping, with unbeatable price among all the lcd suppliers in Shenzhen area, our company stand behind the products, and the products speak for us.
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Product Details

1.Product Introduction

Suit for HP Envy X360 15M-BQ112DX laptop repair, refurbished by experienced Shenzhen local manufacture, each piece well tested before shipping, with unbeatable price among all the lcd suppliers in Shenzhen area, our company stand behind the products, and the products speak for us.

2.Product Parameter

Screen size: 15.6 inches

Model: Suit for HP Envy X360 15M-BP112DX Touch Screen LCD Replacement

Resolution ratio: 1920px*1080px FHD

Connector: 30pins

Condition: Band new original

Contain: LCD display and touch panel assembly with frame

3.Product feature and application

HP Envy X360 15M-BP112DX, brand new condition.


4. More about us




5. Package and Warranty


Every item will be tested before delivery and carefully and packed with individual plastic bubble bag, braced with stiff cardboard, and final ship in carton. 



Our Products comes with 3 Months Warranty.


We offer Premium Quality for Customer to make better profits.


We maintain High Quality Standard.


Our Products makes Customer Best Seller Product.


6.  FAQ

Q1:  If I bought large quantity, would you provide discount ?

A: We are doing wholesale business here, based on different quantity, the unit price will also be different, This is a sure thing.


Q2:  What if I want to sell them online through Ebay or Amazon, will that have conflict with your company?

A: There will be no conflict between your store and our company guaranteed.


Q3:  What is assembly for tablet PC or mobile phone?

A: Those LCD screen display unit contains the inner LCD-display, illumination back light, touch screen digitizer, metal frame and ribbon cable together, is the LCD screen display and touch screen digitizer assembly.


Q4:  When will you deliver the goods?

A: Shipment within 3-5 days after receipt of payment


Q5:  What to do when I get goods?

A: Pls check and test the goods once you've received, and make sure that all of them are good function.

7. Latest news

How to improve your gaming performance with blazing fast NVMe SSDs


We've written before about how to build your own gaming PC but if you've not built one recently or haven't taken the time to look at the different storage options out there, you might not realise the possibilities.


NVMe SSDs are the newest standard of Solid State Drive. These modules offer blazing fast read and write speeds that can improve the performance of your games by reducing load times, minimising installation duration and improving your overall operating system experience too.


They're also remarkably easy to install. We're here to show you how.


Reasons to consider NVMe SSDs

These drives offer fantastic read speeds that leave traditional platter-based hard drives and even other Solid State Drives in the dust. To give you an idea of the difference, most Solid State Drives have read speeds of around 500 MB/s a second. High-end NVME drives, by comparison, are capable of around 3,500 MB/s.


In real-world terms, what that means is if you install Windows on these drives, you'll find your computer will boot up in a matter of seconds. Quite often the blink of an eye. Most modern laptops feature NVMe drives for just this reason - incredible load speeds lead to a much more satisfactory user experience.


For gamers, NVMe drives ensure that games load faster. There's no hanging around waiting for boring load screens and in multiplayer games, you'll have the edge as your game will likely load before your competitors.


Installation times are also significantly reduced. These drives won't help you download games any faster, but they will ensure the game is installed as quickly as possible and you're into the action as soon as you can be.


If you're the sort of gamer who enjoys recording and streaming, these drives can help with that too. It's easier to edit videos when they're quick to load or transfer around your machine.


Our favourite thing about NVMe drives though is how easy they are to install.


How to install an NVMe SSD


Most modern motherboards support NVMe drives via an M.2 slot. These are simple slots that allow you to plug your NVMe drive straight into your PC without any extra cables. All you need to do it is plug the drive in and screw it down.


We first recommend checking your motherboard manufacturer's website for your relevant device to see if they include any M.2 slots in the design. If they don't, not to worry as there's a second way to install with a PCI-e adapter we'll show you as well.


Before you get started be sure to unplug your computer from the mains and ground yourself with an anti-static wrist strap to avoid damaging your machine or the drive during the process.


The next step is to find a spare M.2 slot on your motherboard. These can be found by checking the motherboard manual or looking for the markings on the motherboard itself. There are usually one or more slots available.


The next step is to remove the NMVe drive from its packaging and insert it into that slot and screw it securely down. You'll usually find the correct screws bundled with the parts that came with your motherboard or supplied with the drive itself.


It's really that easy.


Now you'll need to boot into Windows and register that drive within your operating system before it can be used. This guide shows you how to do that.


We'd also recommend checking for software from the NVMe SSD manufacturers, as there will often be applications to help boost performance, monitor the drives and deal with any issues.


How to install an NVMe SSD with an adapter


If you're all out of space on your motherboard for M.2 drives or if your motherboard doesn't have a slot you can use, there are other options.


You can purchase adapters that allow you to install M.2 drives in a spare PCIeX4 slot. This means you can still take advantage of the speed enhancements and boost the performance of your machine easily too. The great thing is, these adapters don't cost much either.


We'd recommend checking your motherboard supports this sort of upgrade before you attempt it though.


As with the standard installation, installation this way is really simple too and the process is similar. Simply plug your NVMe drive into the adapter and screw it down as you would when attaching it to your motherboard.


Next step is to find the empty PCIeX4 slot on your motherboard. Again, you can find this by checking the motherboard manual, the manufacturer's website or via markings on the motherboard itself. Ours looks like this: