For HP ENVY X360 15M-CN0004TU L10210-110 Screen Repair Replacement

Suit for HP envy x360 15M-CN0004TU laptop repair, resource directly comes from OEM factory, each piece well tested before shipping, with unbeatable price among all the lcd suppliers in Shenzhen area, our company stand behind the products, and the products speak for us, stable supply guaranteed, meantime we provide best after-sales service among all the competitors, that`s the key to maintain a healthy long term business relationship.
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Product Details

1.Product Introduction

Suit for HP envy x360 15M-CN0004TU laptop repair, resource directly comes from OEM factory, each piece well tested before shipping, with unbeatable price among all the lcd suppliers in Shenzhen area, our company stand behind the products, and the products speak for us.

2.Product Parameter

Screen size: 15.6 inches

Image resolution: 1920px*1080px

Connector: 30pins

Model: 15M-CN0004TU L10210-110 touch screen digitizer replacement

Condition: A+ grade

Contain: Touch screen + lcd + bezel

3.Product feature and application

Suit for HP envy x360 15M-CN0004TU lcd touch screen digitizer replacement, Brand new condition.


4. More about us




5. Package and Warranty


Each product has independent packing, every carton has bubbles to keep the goods safety.



3-6 months warranty, return, refund, repair is acceptable in policy.


All demand or complaint will be replied within 2 hours


Q1:  Which payment method do you accept?

A: We accept payment through Wire Transfer, Western Union, Money Gram and Paypal.


Q2:  What kind of warranty do you provide?

A: We provide 6 months warranty but not include human violence caused damage, like flex cable ripped off during the installing, or the lcd cracked while doing the installing job.


Q3:  How dose the RMA process works.

A: We have warehouse in both HongKong and America to collect the faulty products, once the faulty situation is confirmed, we will send new replacements in next package.


Q4:  How could I buy products if there is no price on the website?

A: Buyers need to send required product details via e-mail, Then a reasonable quotation as request would be provided.


Q5:  How long could I get reply of my enquiry?

A: Buyers will get a reply within 24 hours.

7. Latest news

Hatch: all about Google's next rumored Chromebook


Google is reportedly working on an all-new Chromebook developed in-house, codenamed ‘Hatch’ in several benchmark listings and other leaks over the past few months. Rumors regarding the laptop’s capabilities have been shared as well, painting a rather clear picture.


With the latest leak showing off up-to-date Intel Core processors (CPUs) and more memory (RAM) than most Chromebooks, the Hatch is getting set up to be a truly worthy successor to the excellent Pixelbook of 2017.


With that, Google clearly has quite a lot to live up to with this Chromebook release, especially considering whatever losses were caused by the failure in reception to Pixel Slate. Here’s everything we’ve heard so far about the Hatch, codename for Google’s next Chromebook.


Cut to the chase


What is it? Google’s next in-house Chromebook

When is it out? Possibly October 15 with Pixel 4

How much will it cost? Hopefully no more than Pixelbook did


Google Hatch release date


While rumors and leaks of a release date are rather thin right now, many reports from MySmartPrice and NotebookCheck peg this Chromebook to release alongside the Google Pixel 4. That would mean a debut date of October 15, which is already anticipated by Pixel fans.


With that, it would be more than likely to see the Hatch hit store shelves and online retailers before the end of October. At the very least, an October 15 debut would all but guarantee a release before the Christmas shopping season.


Google Hatch price


Unfortunately, nothing in these leaks and reports comes close to discussing a potential price for the Hatch. However, we do know that the Chromebook is expected to run some of the latest 10th-generation (Comet Lake) Intel Core CPUs, starting with the dual-core Intel Core i3-10110U.


This would obviously put the Hatch in line with premium-priced Ultrabooks, like the Dell XPS 13. So, we can safely expect this Chromebook to reach similar prices, much like that of the previous Pixelbook that we so loved.


Google Hatch specs and features


We now know of several key specification points and features expected to be included in the Hatch Chromebook product. For starters, we’re again aware that Google is reportedly equipping the laptop with Comet Lake Intel CPUs.


This is based on recently leaked Geekbench testing information made publicly available, specifically listing the Intel Core i3-10110U part in use, with outlets further speculating that Google won’t stop here. It’s likely that Google will include Comet Lake options for the Core i5 and perhaps even the Core i7.


Coupled with at least 8GB of RAM listed in the Geekbench results, this will make for a Chromebook that’s decidedly more powerful than most, which has been a hallmark of Google’s homemade Chrome laptops since their start.


Rounding out the known rumored feature list are a 2,400 x 1,600-pixel display with a 3:2 aspect ratio – just like the Pixelbook of 2017 – along with a new built-in stylus, backlit keyboard and a proper fingerprint reader for additional security.


All told, the Google Chromebook codenamed ‘Hatch’ is may be among the very best once more. However, judging by the Pixel Slate downturn, Google would be wise not to rest on its laurels here.